Puxi Puppies

Puxi Puppies
Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Tue Mar 23, 2010 @ 04:24PM
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As the spring weather is here, more and more strays are seen and walking about in the city of Shanghai. Not only that, it's that time of the year where you would expect to find and hear little cries from kittens or puppies, whether they are hiding in the bushes, abandoned, or just in plain view to see. This was the case for us the night of 23rd March. We received a phone call from a fellow rescuer in Puxi and informed us that a local Chinese woman's dog gave birth to 8 puppies and had a 3 month old puppy in her place. The obvious thing we did was arrange to meet up. There were 4 of us in total. The woman told us that the mother dog gave birth to 10 puppies last year (sold them to people) and now 8 again this year. We had a slight battle on our hands in trying to convince the woman and her husband to surrender the mother, puppies and the 3 month old. Eventually after long negotiations (so glad that our Chinese friends and rescuers were there to save the day!), they decided to give us the puppies.
As you can see from the 1st set of pictures, the mother had her pups in a small tray, barely enough room to move around and was a risk for the pups getting crushed!
We luckily found a pet store close by and bought a large enough crate for her to manouevre in.

Mother and her pups
Puxi Pups
Puxi Pups
The puppies are only a couple of days old. We are going to wait till the puppies have weaned, spay the mother and have the puppies vaccinated and hopefully adopted or fostered out to willing families!
We anticipate to have the puppies available for adoption/fostering week commencing 19th April, 2010.
The other puppy (3 months old Jack) is healthy and available for adoption. Please check his profile by clicking the link below: http://jargroup.doodlekit.com/album/image/2340661
If you are interested in either fostering, adopting or know of somebody who would like to have a pet, please get in touch with us!!

How adorable are they?


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Comments: 21


1. mica   |   Fri Dec 28, 2012 @ 06:29PM

Thanks to JAR for being kind and rescuing the animals in need, caring for them and finding them their homes. Well done, so glad there are kind people out there towards animals.

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Animals are a gods creation. Being a human its our duty to secure them and protect them. I agree with you. It is good job.

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