JAR'S Mission

Don't shop....Adopt!JAR is a non-profit small animal rescue group that is committed to protecting and improving the health and welfare of animals through pet health care, education, and the promotion of adoption / fostercare as an alternative approach to purchasing animals. We are dedicated to domestic animal population control, promoting pet adoption/fostering and reducing the incidence of abandonment.
JAR 是一个专门救助小动物的非盈利的组织,通过宠物卫生保健,教育,和对领养和寄养的宣扬,专门致力于保护和改善动物们的健康和福利状况. 我们致力于动物数量控制,宣传宠物领养和寄养以及减少动物被遗弃的概率.

We at JAR believe that every animal deserves to be safe, secure, healthy and in a loving home.

JAR'S mission and vision is to raise funding to support local animal welfare projects, co-operate with other organizations that seek to upgrade their facilities and services, inform and educate the public about animals and to work with individuals or people who have a true passion for the animal well being.

We recognize the critical need to enhance public awareness and understanding (through either school programs, events, community events, informational pamphlets and forum discussions) of such issues as general pet care, training, spaying/neutering, disease prevention and animal behavior.

How can you help us?

* Adopt an animal or foster an animal.
* Part-time transportation.
* Inform/provide JAR information to the community.
* Make a donation (any amount given is greatly appreciated)
* Donate and/or provide Gifts-in-Kind items (Pet supplies such as animal bedding, used warm clothing, linens, towels, animal toys, food, bowls, cat toys)
* Please note that we don't have a shelter or a physical address. If an animal is rescued, we please ask you to help and provide the animal a temporary home and medical care. We will do our best to find the animal a home once it has had it's health check and deemed adoptable.

Adopter Information Sheet
Foster Intake Sheet
Animal Rescue Form


- 领养或者帮助收养小动物

- 捐赠 (任何金额的捐赠都会帮到小动物们)

- 捐助或者提供任何实物形式的物品 (宠物用品例如宠物床垫,旧的可以保暖的衣物,床单,毛巾,宠物玩具和宠物食品)

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Animal Adoption Procedure 宠物领养流程

1.       Some of our animals that are available for adoption may unfortunately have had bad experiences living on the streets due to being abandoned and or being abused. With the help and care from the local rescuer, and our dog trainers the animals have recovered and are deemed adoptable. We are seeking potential families who can adopt, have an open and loving heart, and who are willing to have a pet for life.
1. 由于遭受遗弃或者虐待,我们这里等待被领养的小动物们都有着非常不幸的经历和遭遇. 通过一些救助人员和我们的宠物驯养员的帮助和照料,我们这些小动物们恢复地很快并且我们相信它们很容易被接受和领养. 我们正在寻找那些有能力和潜质领养它们的家庭,这些领养者需要有一颗友爱宽大的心并且愿意陪伴宠物的一生.

2.       The adopting family has to have a suitable and steady home for the animal which means providing quality care and financial ability to cover medical costs. It is beneficial for the families to have knowledge and experience in animal care.
2. 要领养小动物的家庭必须有稳定舒适的家,这意味着这个家庭需要有能力照料小动物并且在经济上有能力并愿意负担它们的医疗费用. 领养者如果有动物驯养方面的知识和经验也是非常有益的.

3.       The adopter needs to be aware of the 'Rules & Regulations' of their home country if bringing the animal back. If JAR finds the process of importing the animal back to your home country stringent & difficult due to quarantine issues, we may suggest the family to foster the animal instead. Decisions will be made depending on the circumstance after both parties have discussed the situation.
3. 领养者必须清楚了解其自己国家关于托运动物回国的法律法规. 如果由于对方国家对动物托运入关的政策的严格性以及隔离封锁等问题致使宠物托运流程变得很困难,那么我们建议领养者用寄养的方式来收养我们的动物. 最终的解决方案会在双方就实际情况交流讨论后而作出.

4.       The adopter needs to understand the local Rules & Regulations of the Chinese Government with regards to owning pets (especially dogs). All animals (dogs & cats) must not allowed to roam freely outdoors. All dogs need to be on a leash at all times.
4. 领养者需要了解在中国当地养宠物的一些法律和规定. 所有的狗和猫都不可以随便在街上游走,狗必须由主人牵着牵引绳上街.

5.       When JAR has reviewed, assessed and approved the documents from the potential adopter, the adoption process can be completed. Upon the final step of adopting a dog from JAR the adopter must apply for a dog permit as soon as possible.

We require two copies - One copy for the rescuer and one copy for JAR's records.

It is mandatory that you register your dog in Shanghai. If your dog is not registered the police have the right to take the dog away and dispose of him or her as they see fit. Failure to comply, will result in the rescuer having the right to take back the dog. Safety of our animals well being is of our top priority.
5. 申请领养者的文件材料在经过JAR的审核,评估和批准之后,整个申请到领养的过程就完成了。从JAR成功领养狗狗之前的最后一件事就是尽快地给这只被领养的狗狗申办一个狗证(养狗允许证.


帮你的狗儿办理狗证是必须的. 因为如果你的狗狗没有应有的证件,警察就有权在任何时候将你的狗狗带走,并且随意处置它.

如果被领养的狗狗不能适应领养者家的环境或者不能被驯服,那么狗狗救助者有权利将狗狗领回. JAR的小动物的安全是最重要的

6.       After confirming which dog/cat the family is interested in, please ensure JAR’S ‘Adopter Information Sheet’ and ‘Animal Information Sheet’ is read thoroughly and filled out properly. The ‘Animal Information Sheet’ will entail the animal rescuer’s suggestions, ideas, character of the animal, medical and history of the animal. The ‘Adopter Information Sheet’ are general information required about the adopter. It is important that everyone involved (including the Ayi) is to be educated on pet care, health, and treatment.
6. 领养家庭在确定要领养哪只猫或狗之后,请确保正确填写JAR的“领养者信息表”和“宠物信息表”. “宠物信息表”中内容有包括宠物救助者的建议,想法,宠物性格特征和宠物病史. “领养者信息表”是一张须经领养者填写的综合信息表。领养者队宠物护理和保健的知识的了解是很重要的,甚至包括领养者雇用的阿姨.

7.       When the animals reach their mature age, we advise having the animal spayed/neutered at an authorized Veterinary Hospital. Almost allof our animals have already been de-sexed, however some may not be due to their age. It is the adopters responsibility to have the animals spayed or neutered to control the pet population.
7. 当宠物长到一个成熟的年龄后,我们建议让它们在正规的宠物医院接受绝育手术。在我们这儿的几乎所有小动物都已经接受过了绝育手术,然后还有一些由于太小还不能接受绝育。让您的宠物接受绝育手术以控制宠物数量是每一个领养者的责任.

8.       We suggest all adopters to keep medical records of the animal. Follow the schedule every year for the animals permit (dogs only), vaccinations, and its standard health checks.
8. 我们建议所有的领养者都要把宠物的病历纪录保存好。每年都要及时更新宠物的饲养许可即养狗许可证(仅限于狗),疫苗接种和宠物的基本身体检查.

9.       Please note, due to majority of our animals being abandoned, mistreated, and have been traumatized, some may have various bad habits such as chewing, not housetrained etc. We urge you to please be patient, loving and committed to these ‘abandoned' animals. Help them lead a new life and merge with your family. The build up of trust and confidence will not only be rewarding for the dog, but also for all the family.
9. 请注意,由于我们这里大多数的动物都曾经被抛弃,被虐待,受过很大的挫折,它们当中的一些或许有着一些啃咬,不听话等等之类的坏习惯。我们希望并鼓励领养者对我们曾经遭受抛弃过的小动物要有耐心,爱心和恒心,帮助它们开始一个崭新的生活,慢慢地让它们接受你们这个新家庭。您和您的宠物之间信心和信任的建立不仅仅可以帮助到宠物,更可以为您的家庭增添很多乐趣.

10.   If in any reason the adopter has any issues, circumstances have changed or they cannot fulfill and carry on with the adoption, JAR & the rescuer must be notified.
10. 如果由于任何原因,领养者有疑虑,情况发生变化或者领养者失去领养的能力,领养者必须马上告知JAR和相应的救助者.

Please DO NOT search for potential families and try to adopt the animal out by yourself.


Thank you for your co-operation.