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My girlfriend and I adopted a young adult cat through JAR, and we have been really happy with the advice, responsiveness, and continued support from Marvin. They're really in it for the love of the animals, and we feel blessed that we found our happy ball of fur through one of JAR's adoption events. As mentioned in the article, there is a recommended donation amount, and we gladly donated much more than that, especially given the extraordinary amount of care that has been given to our cat before he came into our lives. Our new friend had a bad run in with a scooter on Fuxing Lu, and he required a LOT of medical attention. We're pretty sure he used up at least two of his nine lives. The doctors at Eagle Valley veterinary centre, and the rescuer, Ms. Huang, saved his life and got him back in good health. Had it not been for his rescuer, the doctors and nurses at Eagle Valley, and JAR, we never would have had the chance to share in all the love that this purrball has to give :-)

Thank you very much for providing our Krystal a better home. We have just moved to a bigger apt, now Krystal has a bigger home as well and it is a luxury one. :) To make Krystal feel comfortable and the transition easier, we have moved her bedroom from the old cage. Now her new home has three floors. 1st floor is her living room, 2nd floor is her bedroom, and the 3rd floor is her playground and gym.
Please send our appreciation to JAR.

Jane and Christine

Krystal and her new home!
Krystal and her new home!
...this is Krystal!
We love having Barbie in our family(now named "Bones" for the female anthropologist in the TV series of the same name). She is a sweet dog and loves to sit back and watch everything that is happening. She has started to greet me at the door wagging her tail, and enjoys going out with her dachshund gal pal "Norah" (named after the Jazz vocalist, Norah Jones). She can't get enough pets and belly rubs and if I stop she will start to lick my hand until I continue. She seems very happy with her new family, and we are very blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you so much to you, Marvin, and to the whole JAR team. You are so dedicated and caring. I would also like to thank Barbie's rescuer, who gave her so much time and love! She would not be the same dog without all of your help!
Barbie now called Bones!Bones with Nora

Fei Fei is starting a new life with me now, I have named him "Oneida" which is a native american name meaning 'The long awaited'. He is a wonderful dog, very peaceful despite his difficult experience, very sweet to people and other animals. He is also clever, well mannered and a quick learner. I still have work to do with him to help him build confidence but I feel he is working with me.
I am so grateful for your work at Jaiya's Animal Rescue and the dedication of volunteers and rescuers : special thanks to Sabrina and Vivian they have been amazing and help me a lot. I look forward to meet with you all. (21/01/10)
Fei FeiFei Fei
We are a family with one daughter of 10 and for some time we were considering adopting a dog from a recue center in Shanghai. We discovered 'Jaiya's Animal Rescue' and had a look at the dogs for adoption on their website. We saw a lot of wonderful dogs up for adoption and we were eager to go to 'adoption day'.
The first dog we saw was Xiaohei, a beautiful medium-size black dog. We had read about her on the website. She was found an the street and was badly beaten. She needed a home as soon as possible as the lady who rescued her couldn't keep her. A soon as we saw Xiaohei we wanted to take her home, especially our daughter! We were a little nervous though, as the dog was very scared of strangers. The lady who rescued her was wonderful and told us we could try Xiaohei for two weeks, and if it wouldn't work out, she was more than happy to take Xiaohei back. Marvin told us the same - he was very welcoming, gave us a lot of information and made us feel very relaxed!
Xiaohei is not even three full days with us and we cannot imagine our life without her. She has completely settled in, she is playfull, funny and very reliable!
Many thanks to Marvin of Jaiya's Animal Rescue of and of course to Nicole and Juliet, who rescued the dog!

Best wishes,
(20th January, 2010)
Xiao Hei Xiao Hei

Charlie & Daisy (used to be called Cowgirl & Cowboy)
Both are now living with a lovely family. Here you see them both held by Madeline and Isabella!
(20th January, 2010)
Charlie & Daisy
Hello JAR,
We are doing very well with the dog. We are getting used to her. Coming in a room is not such a big problem as before...
I bought and borrow many books and Bijou seems to know them because when I try it, she does it at once. When I lose the leash, she brings it to me. 
Here in the compound there are many dogs, and now we know ALL of them. She is good with other dogs. I'm always surprised. What a wonderful dog!
Therefore, we are very busy with Bijou...and very happy!

Thanks a lot, our life is now more colorful.
Greetings Andrea and family

Bijou with her new family
Feifei is a wonderful little dog. No complaints though, she is a wonderful little dog and I think she started to adjust to life with us within the first 48 hours, which makes it easier. Just now to make settled enough that she likes everyone :) 
Thanks again for your assistance and kindness.

Fei Fei with new family

"We love our new dog Lola. Marvin and the gang at Jaiya's
Animal Rescue were just fantastic and very easy to work with and understanding of our needs. Marvin was always accessible
and the organization's passion for their cause is infectious and honorable.
Lola is a great addition to our family. We are lucky to have her! Thank you everyone!" 
Zach and Lola

Lola & Zach
Here are the photos as promised.
May is such a character and has completely settled into our family now :)
She loves playing ball, going for walks, getting cuddles and playing with the water hose!!
She is such a joy. In fact the only thing she dislikes is the
noise of the fireworks! We are so lucky to have got her.

May and her permanent loving friends!

Just a quick note to tell you how Tresor (Squeaky) is getting on. He has fitted in so well, he is obedient with so much energy, the kids after initial introductions have warmed to him and we walk him to the bus stop and he picks them up in the afternoon. The cats are not impressed, but we have given them the upstairs and they are happier. He is just such a great little personality; he is making friends with the neighborhood dogs. He is lovely. He has really made a huge difference to the house, to our home.
Take care. We can't really thank you enough!

Danielle, Martin, Jakey, Asher and Alice  

Danton and new family
Our cats have adopted TT now xena very quickly, xena is full of energy, playful and very adorable with everybody. She’s has become one of the most popular dog in our neighborhood everybody loves her!
Thanks again for everything you did!!!

Oliver & Claire

Xena with friends
Brownie & Blackie
Both of them are loved dearly by my children. They bring them out for walks early in the morning (7am) before school and after school (around 4pm) daily. Feeding time is twice per day (7am and 6pm).

Brownie & Blackie
Shadow and her companions!!

Shadow and friends